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Thoughts and a tool for providing feedback

Providing honest feedback to a direct report, colleague, supervisor or even a family member or friend are common issues brought to a coaching session.  Identifying the beliefs or stories one holds around the issue allows for increased awareness, perspective and understanding about beliefs, values and the situation or individuals involved. [...]

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Books that are worth reading

Here are a few books that I have in my library that I thought I'd share.  I've made a few notes to give some insight into the value.  You'll find a longer list on my website at  Please let me know what others you think important to add. The [...]

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Reflection on being a patient

Awhile back I had the opportunity to have the experience of being a patient at one of our local hospitals.  Just thinking about having to go to the hospital makes me cringe for a variety of reasons - most of which have to do with my background in healthcare and [...]

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Meetings that Inspire rather than Tire

I've been capturing notes around what makes meetings - where people are inspired and engaged rather than tired and frustrated. Here are a few points that make the difference: - The chair takes responsibility - Keep in mind the reason and purpose for the meeting - Articulate the problem – [...]

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Welcome to 2008 and Resistance!

I can't believe we are already into February of 2008.  Time really does go by quickly, particularly as we age :-) I started this blog quite awhile ago and haven't really gotten into the process.  As I consider what stopped me from taking the plunge, I realize it's all about [...]

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Back to School & Work!

Well, it's back to school for everyone here in Arizona.  Growing up back east we never started school before September 1st but out west school starts mid-August and ends before Memorial Day.  Something about the heat I suppose. :-) The new school year signals the end of Summer for most [...]

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Welcome to Diane Brennan’s Blog

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my blog!  I'll be using this space to provide you with tips, tools and insights you might find useful in your professional or personal life.  I'll also share some of my experience and learnings in this section.  I'm experimenting with the blog so for now it is not interactive which means you won't [...]

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