Well, it’s back to school for everyone here in Arizona.  Growing up back east we never started school before September 1st but out west school starts mid-August and ends before Memorial Day.  Something about the heat I suppose. 🙂

The new school year signals the end of Summer for most of us.  It’s the end of one season and the beginning of another.  Excitement about the new year, fear of the unknown and wondering how it will be (for me).

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Any new venture, whether school year, job, relationship, friendship, etc. has excitement and uncertainty.  We don’t know how it will all work.  We can prepare and plan but there’s no guarantee everything will all go as we expect.  That said it is still worth our preparation.  By this I mean, doing a little thinking about what it is we want in this new venture or adventure as I like to say (even if it seems like it won’t be).  Take a few moments and reflect on your strengths.  Acknowledge the special qualities you bring to the table – these might be courage, commitment, humor, dedication, spirituality, fairness, fun, freedom or others.  Pick one or two of these qualities/values and decide to have it be your anchor for the week.  If you notice yourself drifting away or feeling uncertain, remember to focus on your strengths.  When you bring your best, others will be there with you.

Enjoy being back to school & Work!