Coaching engagements vary depending on the individual and organizational needs. Sometimes the individual contacts us for coaching to strengthen their leadership or for support in working through a challenging situation. Other times talent management, human resources, or another leader contacts us to provide support to individuals or teams. Included here are a few examples of the types of people and situations we work with in coaching.

Chief Executive Officer (Integrated Delivery System)
Coaching focused on the transition from COO to new organization and role as CEO. Results: Confidently move into the expanded role as the CEO. Strategic thinking and identification of the increased opportunity to positively engage the team and impact the Integrated Delivery System and community partners.

Chief Medical Officer (Hospital)

Coaching focused on transition from individual hospital departments to building a faculty practice plan and medical group. Results: The CMO lead the team to successfully complete the transition prior to the projected date. The CMO also was able to focus on leadership development, engaging and identifying future leaders for key positions to support the new entity.

Chief Nursing Officer (Hospital)
Coaching focused on developing a strategic orientation as a key member of the senior executive team. Results: The CNO gained increased self-awareness, reflection, confidence, and communications as a leader. She also enhanced skills in delegation, clarifying expectations, building accountability, creating a vision and being recognized as a strategic, respected member of the senior executive team.

Practice Administrator (Physician Group Practice)
Coaching focused on professional development including strengthening leadership, practice management, and communication skills. Results: Increased confidence, skill development as a practice manager encompassing human resources and financial management, higher productivity and satisfaction for the administrator, the physicians, and the staff.

Senior Leadership Team (Hospital)
Coaching focused on management style and communications for culture transformation within the team and organization. Results: Clarity of purpose and focus on strategic initiatives with evolving culture of trust and empowerment.