I can’t believe we are already into February of 2008.  Time really does go by quickly, particularly as we age 🙂

I started this blog quite awhile ago and haven’t really gotten into the process.  As I consider what stopped me from taking the plunge, I realize it’s all about me.  Imagine that, I’m in my own way!  I have lots of excuses – don’t have the time, don’t know enough about how this all works, might not be worthwhile or of interest to anyone.  I suspect some of you can identify and continue to fill a page of why nots.

Resistance is a funny thing, and our own resistance which is usually about fear or doubt, keeps us from doing what we want and being our best self.  So, in the spirit of coaching, where we break through the barrier, which in this case is self-imposed, I’m committing to action.  I’m going to experiment with the blog for the next month.  You’ll see some info from me at least weekly.  Hmmm, when I look at this action from an objective perspective – stepping out of my own personal perspective where I have that knot in my gut about blogging – posting at least once a week during the next month is only 4 times!  Funny how something that seems big to us can be broken down into something manageable.  I am actually getting excited about this.  I think it’s possible and I suspect I’ll learn in the process.

Question for your consideration:  What have you been avoiding?  Notice what comes to mind immediately.  Don’t look deep into the ‘why’ you’re not doing something.  Decide what you’d like to do about this.  Perhaps it’s no longer important and it can be off your plate.

If it is still something you’d like to see complete, determine the action you want to take.  If it feels overwhelming, look at how you might break the action into small steps.  Make the commitment to take action – even if it is a small step each day.  Notice where you are at the end of the week.  Remember rule #1 – no judging or blaming allowed.  Notice if/when you find yourself judging or blaming and replace this with learning.  Ask yourself, “What am I learning here or what might I learn from this experience?”  There is always a learning and it is a lot more fun!

Best regards,