Business Leadership Coaching and Consulting
Brennan Associates offers consulting services that support your goals to maximize results, strengthen leadership, develop teams, effectively navigate change, and create a learning culture. Our experience with organizations spans the healthcare, aerospace, engineering, and technology industries. Situations and challenges related to systems, strategies, project management, and team processes are common to all and the experience across industries supports even stronger outcomes for our clients.Read More
Our clients are successful in their organizations and industries, and they are looking to take leadership to an even more effective level. Our team of coaches work with experienced C-suite executives and emerging leaders. We recommend an initial 360-assessment as part of our coaching. We use the evidenced-based 360-Leadership Practices Inventory, however, we are open to using assessments already in use within your organization. We partner with you in your development with a coaching program tailored to your needs.Read More
We offer seminars and training sessions for managers and teams across your organization. We use a participatory model for adult learning that engages attendees in real-world situations, critical thinking, problem solving, and implementation post-training. Our management training sessions include: Managing Conflict and Change, Coaching Skills for Managers, Team Building and Development, Skillful Communication for Difficult Conversations, Creating and Sustaining a Learning Culture.
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Leadership Velocity Blog

2806, 2016

How are you as a leader? Find out now.

Being an effective leader hinges on your ability to be self-aware. Self-awareness is foundational in developing your emotional intelligence.

We’ve created a brief individual leadership assessment to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your […]

2306, 2016

Appreciation is the secret sauce – now even more.

Several months ago when we were preparing to write this blog on appreciation, we went on Twitter and entered #AppreciationPolitics, thinking it would be wonderful to find an uplifting story from the political area that […]

2505, 2016

Back Pocket Coach Strategy #7: May I give you some feedback?

Delivering feedback is not an easy process, and it is even more challenging when the message is potentially negative.  Just the thought of this type of conversation commonly evokes emotional turmoil for both the giver […]

504, 2016

Potent strategies for turning conflict aversion into effective conversations

What is conflict aversion? Broadly stated, conflict aversion is an indirect way of dealing with an issue or a person to avoid confrontation. Conflict averse people tend to avoid conflict at all costs and have […]

2803, 2016

Got a bully boss? 3 tips to help you.

What is a bully boss? Bully bosses are people who are very goal-oriented, get the job done, but leave a lot of human wreckage in their wake. We’ve all worked for them at one time […]